The Great Break-Up Training Series with Samuel and Kristen!


This training is for YOU if...

| you know that some of the ideas in early childhood are a bit outdated

| what you are doing with children is not resonating with you any longer

| you want to shift your practice away from these outdated ideas, but don't know how

Individual Option


This is your option if:

  • You are the only one using this training package. 
this is for me!

Multi User Option


This is your option if:

  • You are using this training package for your team and/or staff.
  • This option also comes with a FREE 45-minute virtual Q&A session with me! (This will be scheduled after purchase)
this is for me!

What Folx are Saying!

Samuel is very personable in his trainings which make them not only informative, but also enjoyable!

Samuel and Kristen are just so much fun to watch and listen to! Plus, I learn so much from them!